What is EvenFlow?

EvenFlow is a project management agency developing and realising entire music recording projects.

We believe that nothing can replace the magic and beauty of sound produced by live artists in real spaces.

EvenFlow puts this creative potential at your disposal.

What do we do?

Think of us as your personal recording managers.

We help you find suitable performers and recording locations from our worldwide portfolio of partners
and accompany you throughout the entire process – from the initial idea until the finished product.

EvenFlow also arranges PR-campaigns and generates promotional material to support your music.
In addition, we set up licensing deals to create broad exposure and a source of revenue.

Why choose EvenFlow?

EvenFlow offers an extensive international network of ensembles, artists and recording studios.
We make sure promises are kept and budgets are met, so you can focus on what you do best.

As frequent travelers, we know the ins and outs of being on the move, and offer a wealth of experience in working in faraway places.
Whether you require a recording of a symphonic orchestra, a Russian orthodox choir, an ensemble of traditional Chinese folk instruments or simply a very specific sound that can only be recorded at the other side of the world – we have done that!


We understand that the most important work often happens outside of the recording studio. Talk to us!

Email: connect@evenflow.me
Phone: +49 (0)157 8489 8383
Postal address: EvenFlow | Dirk Fischer
10717 Berlin